Unless confirmed with a deposit all bookings are provisional and may be cancelled. Should we receive another inquiry before your booking is confirmed we will give you first refusal. If we’re unable to contact you regarding a provisional booking for a period of 48 hours or more we may cancel your provisional booking and offer it to other enquiries.

Bookings are only confirmed when a deposit is paid for them, the booking terms and conditions agreed and an email received from the restaurant confirming as such.


We don’t charge room hire and you only pay for what you eat and drink on the night.

Although the room is free to hire we may impose a minimum spend. This we will be agreed before booking. If the agreed minimum spend is achieved we may make up any shortfall from your deposit.

Payment Terms

All bills are to be settled on the night unless agreed by the management. Payment can be made in cash or normal payments. A 10% discretionary service charge may be added to your bill when food only is required.


The host is responsible for all guests attending their function; this includes the behaviour of guests plus liability for any damage caused.

We require you to ask any guest to leave at the request of the management should their behaviour be deemed as inappropriate. We reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone or ask anyone to leave who’s behaviour does not meet our standards or who’s behaviour offends other guests.


All cancellations must be made confirmed via email with the manager of the restaurant. The following conditions on cancellation will apply to any deposit paid.which

Less than 1 month before the booking – 100% of deposit. 1 – 2 months before the booking – 50% of deposit. 2+ months before booking – 25% of deposit.


Each restaurant is equipped with a stand alone sound system which can be used in conjunction with an MP3 player for back ground music however if you’re planning on dancing we’d recommend a band or DJ.

The volume of such music will be determined by the management, should the band/DJ fail to comply we may require the music be switched off.


Bottelinos or its agents shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property belonging to or brought onto the premises by any person. Save as required by law. Bottelinos is not responsible or liable for any injury or any other loss or claim whatsoever by or to any person on its premises. Bottelinos shall not be responsible for any loss due to mechanical breakdown, failure in electricity supply, flood, fire, government restriction or force majeure that may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the event interrupted.

No signs or other items shall be placed outside or affixed to any part of Bottelinos premises without prior consent from the management

The Client shall indemnify Bottelinos, its agents and employees and assigns from and against all/any liabilities, losses, damage, claims and expenses (including but not limited to legal expenses) of any nature relating to or arising out of any failure of the Client to perform or comply or procure compliance with the terms of the booking and its legal obligations generally.